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Pick Your Poison ...Vodka, Rum, Whiskey ??
S o you are like us. You enjoy drinking alcohol but you do not like the morning after side effects. Its not a problem anymore, we have several great products to prevent hangovers. That is the key though, PREVENTION!! Once the damage has been done there is no reversing those miserable sick feelings called a hangover.
A few simple pills when you start drinking and you're on your way to being hangover free when you are done drinking.

Anti-Hangover.com's Exceptional Hangover Products

We carry only great products for preventing those nasty hangover symptoms. With over 10 years on the retail market they have all established a solid reputation, a loyal customer following and positive media praise.

In the last decade about 20 new (inferior) hangover products have come to the retail market. Two of these companies are spending millions of dollars to advertise their hangover pills. We tried them and we were not impressed. They were only helpful for light drinking and liver support.
I suppose this is why those companies have to spend millions of dollars to find new customers if word of mouth and loyal customers is not promoting their products well enough.

Since we at Anti-Hangover.com are not the manufacturers of these products we will not try and throw a bunch of hyped up marketing ploys at you to sell you ONE product.

We offer you our objective opinion from many years of experience of using these products on a weekly basis. We have been living hangover free for over three years now and these products are all made from high quality ingredients that your body will thank you for the health benefits.

Are you ready to start living your life hangover free?
Read on.....

Our trusted product is liverGARD formerly known as First Call.

    FIRST CALL Products

    LiverGard™ is and exceptional hangover prevention pill. It is a complex concentrated food, not a drug or herbal mixture. liverGARD™ is an extract derived from the hybrid artichoke bud, and the root of the sarsaparilla plant. Historically these ingredients have been used as a liver regenerative, detoxification, and blood-purifying agents. liverGARD™ breaks down the toxins your body creates after consuming alcohol and allows the liver to function more efficiently. We were very skeptical about this product when it was being developed. Who would have thought artichoke and sarsaparilla would be so powerful in breaking down the toxins associated with alcohol consumption and other substances.
    Obviously we are no longer skeptical, liverGard is nothing less than amazing! This product was marketed under the name First Call. It's the same great product and ingredients with a new name and label.

    Click Here for more details on liverGARD.

Would You Like to Learn About what Causes a Hangover?

Nope... it's not those flaming martinis. Flaming MartinisContrary to popular belief, it is not the alcohol itself that causes the hangover. There are several factors that give us the hangover; unfortunately, preventing a hangover is much more complicated than just drinking lots of water along with our alcoholic beverages.

The liver is the organ responsible for the breakdown of toxins in the body. Alcohol, as the liver breaks it down, creates toxins that can, and often do, result in flu-like symptoms that are commonly associated with hangovers. Aside from dehydration, hangovers are a result of alterations in endocrine function, Another wasted day because of a hangoverdysregulation of cytokine pathways, and proper elimination of toxins produced during alcohol preparation and normal liver metabolism. Other important factors involved in the intensity and production of hangover symptoms include the production and elimination of toxins (conversion of ethanol into acetaldehyde and acetate in the liver) and the increased production of thromboxanes. Thromboxanes are products of fatty acid metabolism and are responsible for blood vessel constriction (raising blood pressure), blood platelets sticking together (increase in clot formation), and a decrease in natural killer cells (decreased immunity).

Toxins must go!Also contained within the alcohol products are toxins called congeners. The level of congeners found in alcoholic beverages can be a major causative factor in the production of hangover symptoms. Congeners are the by-products of alcohol preparations. These toxins are positively charged molecules that invade the cellular level of your body, disrupting the acid-alkaline (pH) balance of the body. This imbalance can cause the body to fight back. That fight presents itself as upset stomach, vomiting, headache, sweats, chills, the spins and more. If you have ever had a hangover, you know how awful these symptoms can be. Once you are at this stage, there is nothing you can do, but tough it out. Time, agonizing time, rest and nutrition are the best solutions at this point.

Basically, our anti-hangover products are preparing your liver to detoxify and flush these toxins out faster and help support your liver while its working so hard to Psychedelic Alcohol get those cocktails out of your system. Alcohol and its by-products are typically metabolized at the rate of 0.5 ounces of alcohol per hour. The body is normally prepared to process only 2 to 4 ounces of alcohol a night, but we generally consume much more. Eventually, if we drink more than our body can handle, our liver stops processing these toxins and they have to go elsewhere in the body, thus creating all the other side effects we know as a hangover.

There is a lot more to hangovers than listed above but that is the simple explanation. If you would like to read a more in depth scientific explanation by Dr. Charles Cochran please click here.

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