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What is liverGARD?

An exceptional hangover prevention pill. liverGARD is a complex concentrated food, not a drug or herbal mixture. liverGARD is a whole food active created from the edible part of the hybrid artichoke, and sarsaparilla root. A whole food active is a complex extraction of components of regular food products with higher concentrations of the same chemicals that would be found in food. liverGARD will be broken down in the body just as regular food is processed. Hmmm....skeptical? Artichoke and sarsaparilla can prevent hangovers? We were very skeptical at first as well. Now we are amazed! Read on....

Figure this one out. No dont... someone did it for you so you can go enjoy drinking and feel great when your done.

How Does liverGARD Work?

liverGARD aids in the elimination process. The liver is the organ responsible for the breakdown of toxins in the body. Alcohol, as it is broken down by the liver, creates toxins that can, and often do, result in flu-like symptoms that are commonly associated with hangovers. liverGARD breaks down the toxins your body creates after consuming alcohol and allows the liver to function more efficiently. liverGARD comes in easy to swallow gel capsules. liverGARD is food. It will be processed by the body just as other foods are.

Does liverGARD Contain Only Two Ingredients?

With our anti-hangover products, you will never wake up feeling like you have one of these in your stomach again.liverGARD is a flavonoid, polyphenol-rich extract derived from the hybrid artichoke bud, Cynara floridanum, and the root of the sarsaparilla plant, Smilax aristolochiaefolia. This totally unique material has been created by using two plant materials that have been historically used as liver regenerative, detoxify, and blood-purifying agents combined prior to being extracted using a proprietary, two-step method. The proprietary extraction process, obtaining the water and fat-soluble principles, is responsible for high concentrations of active ingredients without using artificial additives, preservatives, stabilizers, or dangerous solvents. This extract is encapsulated in FDA approved gelatin capsules.

Is liverGARD Safe?

As we get older, the hangovers are more severe. Cheat time and drink all you want without hangovers now.Yes! liverGARD has been used for over 20 years as a liver support product. This is a great supplement for everyday use, whether one is consuming alcohol or not. The liver is constantly in action helping the body eliminate toxins that are present due to smog, environmental pollutants, cigarette smoke, allergens, and many other sources. Many cigarette smokers use liverGARD on a daily basis to aid the liver in removing harmful toxins associated with tobacco consumption. Some people even use it as a "social drug" detoxify to cleanse their body of the substances they ingested while partying. To support a healthy liver take 2 to 3 capsules daily with water before meals. The only people that should not take liverGARD are those allergic to either artichokes or sarsaparilla.

What is the Recommended Dosage for liverGARD?

3 capsules before you start drinking and 3 capsules when you are finished drinking works great for light to moderate drinking. If you are going to be drinking for extended periods of time or you find yourself consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, then an additional 3 capsules every couple of hours is recommended. No your not that drunk... this picture really is blurry.You can of course take liverGARD at any point while your drinking. Many people forget to take liverGARD when they first start drinking and take all 6 of them when they are finished. Although this will help reduce many of the toxins from alcohol consumption and reduce most of the hangover symptoms, this method is only partially effective. Should you forget to take liverGARD when you first start drinking, just start taking them as soon as you remember you do not want a hangover the next day :) Once again it is recommended you drink plenty of water while consuming alcoholic beverages. Water will aid liverGARD in flushing those toxins more efficiently.

How Much Does FIRST CALL Cost?

Compared to a suffering, miserable, wrecked day on the couch because you're hungover....??? Not much! We have 3 order sizes of liverGARD available. Once again a very small price to pay compared to the damage a hangover does to you. We have yet to meet anyone that liverGARD did not work well for them.

Enough to keep you hangover free for months.           15 servings bottle (90 capsules total) - $22.95

Shipping is only $6.60 in the United States. Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. As with all of our products we do offer a 7 day money back guarantee, although nobody has taken us up on this offer yet because liverGARD works very well.

To order liverGARD, click on the Order it.. you will be thanking us later.button and proceed to our ordering page.

liverGARD (formerly named First Call) in the media

FIRST CALL has been featured in many magazines and news spots over the years. It is quickly being recognized worldwide as the leading product to prevent hangovers. It was a little article featured in our favorite magazine, Maxim, that first turned us on to these amazing pills. When the writers at Maxim gave FIRST CALL high praise we knew it would work good since writers at Maxim have no mercy for bad products:). A few snips from those reviews.

Maxim Mag ROCKS !!! - August 2002 issue (page 54)

Because the real cure, drinking less, is still just a mad scientists dream.

Mix gin with copy toner in a hollowed out hot dog like we do and you're in for serious hangover, usually one that leaves you laughing at the carpet. Fortunately, the product we've been waiting for since we were 12 has finally arrived! With the slogan never drink without it the FIRST CALL pill claims to immunize you against hangovers. The approach is unique because it's not a remedy, says company president Kurt Koenig. It prevents the hangover from happening at all. How's it work? Your endocrine system gets disrupted by the toxins in alcohol creating a mess of internal problems, as well as dehydration and dizziness. FIRST CALL utilizes the tasty combination of artichoke (a liver stimulant) and sarsaparilla (a blood purifier) to detox your body. During rigorous testing in our office (hey who are we to shirk the scientific method?), The pill worked very well when we were sober enough to follow the directions. The key is to take a dose before hitting the bottle, then somehow remember to take another just before getting shoveled into bed. We recommend people take it with water, but I take it with that first beer, Koenig admits. The important thing is that you take before you go to bed.

First Call is for all class of people. If you drink alcohol, then you need First Call. - January 2003 issue

"Feel better the next day without experiencing the gruesome effects of partying the night before."

If only I could get in the Playboy mansion and hand out free samples. I swear I would keep my mind on work.....although Big Jim and the Twins have a mind of their own. Playboy Magazine - June 2002 issue

We have got to keep those airline pilots hangover free to fly us safely. South West Airlines Spirit Magazine- January 2003 edition

News News NewsAnd on January 2nd 2002, while everyone was lying around suffering from hangovers after New Years Eve parties, FIRST CALL made national news on these networks. You got to love the irony in that. Wait until everyone is hungover then run the story on how to prevent it.

Does Squeeze the Extracts from Artichokes and Sarsaparilla Themselves? Do You Need Any Help?

Nope, we are just an authorized distributor. liverGARD is made by Natural Bridges Products Inc., and is manufactured in an FDA approved facility. liverGARD was developed by a group of three researchers as a liver support formula more than 30 years ago. It was on accident that it was discovered to prevent hangovers. One of those researchers, Dr. Charles Cochran is a founding partner of Natural Bridges Products, Inc.

"Bridging the Gap Between Health and Lifestyle" is the mission statement for Natural Bridges which was established in January of 2001. The founders of this company are committed to introduce innovative formulas in unique ways that address specific lifestyle and health concerns of millions of people, many of whom might not otherwise seek out these products.

Will liverGARD reduce my "buzz"?

No. liverGARD will not reduce the intoxicating effects of alcohol or reduce your blood alcohol level in any way. We know people are going to drink as they have for centuries. If you are going to drink, be a smart drinker and give your liver the support it needs to flush those alcohol associated toxins out. Your body will thank you in the morning.

More Q&A's on liverGARD are available in our facts/FAQ page.

Then go play again.