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This page is the beginning of many things to come. The FAQ is below and we recommend you take a moment to read it. It has a lot of helpful tips and information for your benefit.

We have a lot of big plans and ideas for this section of Anti-Hangover.com, a few of them listed below. Many of the sections will be added over the next few months and some of it will grow over the years to come. Some of the features will be enhanced by your willingness to interact and help us improve this site. We thrive on feedback, good and bad, to progress to the future of change and fun business. Lots of fun improvements coming, stay tuned.

  • An FAQ of our products is finished.
  • Want FREE hangover supplies? Send us photos of your best party pictures: Halloween parties, Pimp-n-Ho parties, Mardi Gras, vacations, people with bad hangovers, silly stuff ....preferably with alcohol in the picture....whatever :) If we use it on Anti-Hangover.com we will give $69 worth of anti-hangover products for every photo we use. We have a nice collection of photos started that customers mailed in but we still need more to bring the page to life. Those fun photos can help keep you hangover free for many important events to come and save you money to buy more drinks!
  • Links to good and interesting sites
  • For the locals here in the Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Phoenix Metro Arizona area:
    • A local night club and bar rating guide of the hot spots here in the Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona
    • Events in the valley that us locals know about that are GOOD!
    • A delivery service for those of you who are out partying and forget to take your hangover pills with you. Shame...shame!
  • Customer testimonials and reviews -coming soon
  • And much more........

If you have any questions or suggestions for the FAQ or any other part of this web site please E-mail <anti-hangover.com@gmail.com>it to us. Thank You.

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