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  1. Which of your hangover prevention products works the best?
  2. Will any of your products reduce my "buzz"?
  3. Does Anti-Hangover.com promote alcohol drinking?
  4. Is it OK to mix the hangover prevention products you sell?
  5. What should I do if I forget to take the products while I am drinking?
  6. How can I remember to take my hangover prevention pills?
  7. What else can I do to ensure I don't get a hangover?
  8. I have seen other hangover prevention products that Anti-Hangover.com does not carry. Do these work also?

1. Which of your hangover prevention products is the best?

This is the most common question we get asked. They all have their pros and cons. Rather then be so judgmental and answer that why don't I give you some of my personal observations from years of experience. They all work great for light to moderate drinking. One works best for excessive drinking. They all work great in combination with one another, especially with excessive drinking. My personal favorite is not preferred by some of my friends due to its large pill size. Although all of our products work great for most people, on occasion one will not work as well for one person as it does another.

Let me break it down further into pros and cons and personal thoughts.

liverGARD (Capsules)
Personal These have become the favorite of many around here. Particularly those of us who smoke when we drink.
  • liverGARD is food and will be processed by the body just like food is
  • You can take as many of them at once as you like
  • Excellent blood and liver detoxify. They do a great job of flushing all sorts of toxins from the body, including toxins associated with tobacco smoking
  • Very little signs of a smokers headache the next day when using liverGARD
  • The individual serving packets are foil lined and durable
  • 20+ years of research on the main ingredients
  • The pills are not small so they are a little difficult to swallow for some people. Drink plenty of water (or beer:) to help get them down. They are approximately the size of your typical multi-vitamin
  • People that are allergic to artichokes or sarsaparilla should not take liverGARD
  • liverGARD works great for long periods of excessive drinking except with wine, although we are still researching this observation
  • There are no vitamins or minerals in liverGARD to replenish what the alcohol metabolizing process depletes. Eating a good meal before or after drinking should counter this

2. Will any of your products reduce my "buzz"?

No. None of our products will reduce your "buzz" or blood alcohol levels. They do not flush the alcohol out of your system, merely the toxins your body creates from breaking down the alcohol.

3. Does Anti-Hangover.com promote alcohol drinking?

Errr.... well.... uhhh.... no! We are promoting healthier living. We know people are going to drink as they have been for thousands of years. We have all done our share of partying over the years. Who said you have to feel like dung the next day from drinking alcohol? Those days are long gone. Weather you get hangovers or not, it is a good idea to take these products to give the liver support while drinking alcohol. Alcohol is very hard on the liver so why not give yours some help. You only have one liver for the rest of your human life.

4. Is it OK to mix the hangover prevention products you sell?

Absolutely. We usually do. Hangovers are one of the worst feelings in the world if you ask me. I usually like to be extra sure I won't have a hangover and take more then the recommended dosage. They all work together very well. For most people this of course will not be necessary, but for some that get hangovers real easy you should try this. All of these products are very beneficial for you so what do you have to lose?

5. What should I do if I forget to take the products while I am drinking?

As soon as you remember you forgot :)... start taking them. Depending on how much you have already had to drink will determine how effective they are. Some of the toxins may already be backed up in your system, so their is not much you can do about these. But as you continue to drink more toxins will be created so you want to start flushing those out. Depending on how sensitive you are to these toxins will determine how much of a hangover you will get. If you completely forget until the end of the night you still should take some with plenty of water. You will still flush out many of those toxins. Its never to late to start giving your liver the support it needs.

6. How can I remember to take my hangover prevention pills?

We have several good tips for you.

  1. One of the best ways we have found is to keep them in many locations. If you can afford it, keep a bottle (or packets) in your car, in your kitchen cabinets, on your bathroom vanity, in the medicine cabinet, on your office desk etc..
  2. The most common mistake we hear from people is they forget to take them when they are done drinking. When you are getting ready to go out for the night, put some on your toilet or on your pillow. So when you get home you will see them before you go to bed.
  3. Keeping a bottle in your car is always a good idea so you wont get caught away from home without your hangover prevention products.
  4. Before you go into the bar, fill your pockets or purse with them. If you put them where you keep your money you will see or feel them every time you buy a drink.
  5. If your a smart drinker, and I know you all are, give them to your designated sober driver to hand out during the evening. Or put them on your dashboard so you see them when leaving.
  6. An important reminder is to pack them when leaving town or going on vacation. It's never fun having a hangover while on vacation outside of the comfort of your home. If you travel a lot, always keep a bottle in your suitcase. Or when you finish a bottle, take the label off and put it in your suitcase or travel bag. The next time you go to pack your clothes you will see the visual reminder.
  7. If your cell phone has a calendar or organizer, set a reminder for important dates that you know you will probably be drinking alcohol. This also applies to people who carry paper organizers.

7. What else can I do to ensure I don't get a hangover?

There are a couple of other aids as well.

  • Water! I can not express enough how important it is to drink plenty of water. Alcohol causes dehydration which in turn causes those toxins to concentrate even further into the system. I know sometimes its hard to remember to drink water when you already have a tasty beverage in your hand quenching your raging thirst, but do yourself a big favor and drink a glass of water or sports drink. It is not as important to get a glass of water down when you first start drinking alcohol as it is later after a few drinks and especially when you are finished drinking. By then the body has already started metabolizing the alcohol into acetaldehyde toxicity. These hangover prevention products do work good without the aid of water but they work great with water.
  • Food is also important to some degree to help eliminate feeling fatigued in the morning. Drinking alcohol causes hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which in turn can cause feeling fatigued. Eating a light meal along with these hangover products at the end of the night is helpful. If you have had plenty of sleep (8 hours) after a night of drinking alcohol and you still feel tired and fatigued in the morning, then chances are your blood sugar levels were low. Just eat a good meal and drink a glass of Xo3 & water and you will be feeling back to normal very quickly.
  • Sleep is important as it gives your body time to heal and flush out the acetaldehyde toxins. People often confuse a hangover with the groggy and tired feeling from partying to late a not getting enough sleep. These hangover products can not replace the sleep you missed. So please don't blame us if you feel lethargic all day after drinking all night and only sleep a few hours....yeah but those kind of nights are fun :)

8. I have seen other hangover prevention products that
Anti-Hangover.com does not carry. Do these work also?

We have tested many of the different hangover prevention products on the market and found a few of them to work OK and some to be a big disappointment. Which products do not work that we have tried? It is not our style to slander those products and we feel once people have tried them and see for themselves they do not work very well they will come to us and we can turn you on to hangover products that do work.

How do we test them? There is only one true and effective way, drink up! Our bodies will tell us if they work or not. Over the course of several months we give the product a fair chance and determine how good or bad we feel towards the end of the evening and when we wake up the next day. This blind faith test has been very painful on us a few times due to inferior products that did not stand up to their claims.

We also give the new products out to friends who drink often for outside opinions. We give them score cards to note how and when they consumed product Z to make sure they followed the instructions. By gathering enough drinking experience we determine if the product is worthy of our time. This is exactly how we came to start distributing liverGARD. Unfortunately we have a few friends mad at us now for giving them hangover pills that did not work in the past. It is hard for any of us to stop using the products we know work and risk getting a hangover but it has to be done to evaluate new products fairly. As much as we like to boast we have been hangover free for 3+ years that is not entirely true because of the times we were testing other products x,y, and z. We are currently test driving a couple of new ones to determine weather we will carry them or not. We will not sell you a product that does not work just to make a buck. We have nothing to gain by doing that. We want your support and repeat business so Anti-Hangover.com will not carry products that do not work. The 3 hangover prevention products we carry now are the best we have experience thus far and we will continue to research new products on your behalf.

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